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Custom Text replacements

First a little warning: This is very advanced tuning, you need some knowlege about [[wp>Regular Expression]s and if you set up something wrong here you may break the layout or at least the XHTML compliance.

Custom text replacements are defined in the conf/custom.conf file. You can give a regular expression and a replacement seperated by whitespace per line. Comments (using the hash # character), empty lines or wrong formated lines are ignored. The regular expression has to use slashes / as delimiter. You can give pattern modifiers after the second delimiter. The replcacement has to be quoted with single quotes '.

Here is an example that replaces all occurances of the word foo with the word bar ignoring the case of foo maintaining the wordboundaries:

/(\b)foo(\b)/i  '\1bar\2'

You should read the following chapters of the PHP manual to completly understand how this all works:

Some more hints

The custom replacements are done after all of the other formating took place. This means:

Please consider this, too: Your replacements will be called on every parsing – the more you include the slower the page is parsed.

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