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DokuWiki Installation

To install DokuWiki follow these steps

  1. extract the tarball somewhere below your webserver root
    • cd /var/www
    • tar -xzvf /path/to/dokuwiki.tgz
  2. make data directories writable by the webserver
    • chmod -R 777 dokuwiki/data
    • chmod -R 777 dokuwiki/attic
    • chmod -R 777 dokuwiki/media
  3. make feed and log files writable
    • touch dokuwiki/feed.xml
    • chmod 777 dokuwiki/feed.xml
    • touch dokuwiki/changes.log
    • chmod 777 dokuwiki/changes.log
  4. edit dokuwiki/conf/dokuwiki.php

What then?

Here is what you may want to do when everything is up and working.

Upgrading from a previous Version

The easiest way to upgrade is to delete everything from your DokuWiki directory except the data, attic and media directory. Then unpack the new files to the your existing directory and follow the steps from above.

If you made any changes on interwiki or smiley configurations or the source code itself you may want to backup your changes first and reapply them after upgrading.

If you encounter some inconsistencies in DokuWikis behaviour after upgrading, you should delete the cache files in data/.cache/ and media/.cache/.

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