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The original idea of InterWiki was to have one large distributed Wiki over the whole net. Today its more of an easy way to link from one wiki to another by having some simple link syntax to do so.

In DokuWiki this is done by prefixing Wiki pagenames with a shortcut seperated by a > character.


[[wp>Wiki]] links to Wikipedia,
[[Meatball>Wiki]] links to the MeatBall Wiki,
[[google>Wiki]] links to a google search.

Wiki links to Wikipedia, Wiki links to the MeatBall Wiki, Wiki links to a google search.

InterWiki shortcuts are defined in the conf/interwiki.conf file. The default file contains all shortcuts suggested in You can place imagefiles named after the shortcut in the interwiki directory to use them instead of the default icon. They should have a size of 16×16 pixels and be in PNG or GIF format.

There is one special interwiki shortcut called this. It always links to the webserver directory DokuWiki is installed in. You can use this to construct relative URLs. For example the following always links to the local XML feed: feed.php


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